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JDM Integra Dc 94-01

 WelcomeHere you can browse through our used JDM Parts for the 94-01 Dc2 Integra Exterior & Interior products.  Please note these parts are removed from right hand drive vehicles. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call or send us a email.

JDM Integra Dc 94-01 Products

JDM DC2 Type R Wheel Center Cap
JDM Integra 98Spec DC2 Type R OEM Center Cap / 1. Set is unavailable. 
JDM GSR B18c Catalytic Converter
JDM GSR B18c Catalytic Converter. Cat has 39k miles on it, Honeycomb has signs of melting, Measures...
JDM GSR Chrome Housing Headlights
JDM GSR Chrome Housing Headlights. Right and Left headlights. All bulbs and clips are included, no cracks...
JDM GSR Dc2 Front Brake Set
JDM GSR Dc2 Front Brake Set. Knuckles Right and Left 4x100 bolt patern. Brake Calipers, Rotors,...
JDM GSR Front Seats
JDM 95 Integra SiR Cloth Front Seats with Seat rails. Sold as a pair, No burn holes, etc as pictured...
JDM GSR Power Window Switches
JDM GSR Power Window Switches. Sold as a pair right and left. 
JDM GSR Stock Air Intake Box
JDM Integra GSR Stock Air Intake Box with tube. Box is in good condition with no broken mounting points...
JDM HID Kit by Bellof 6K
JDM Dc2 Integra HID Kit by Bellof 6K 9006 Bulbs. Low beam hid kit which is in great condition everything...
JDM Intega Dc2 Si Vtec Fenders
JDM Intega Dc2 Si Vtec Fenders with Stanley side markers. Some scuffs, small dings, paint issues, etc...
JDM Integra Dc 2 Door Window Visors OEM
Used JDM Integra Dc 2 Door Window Visors. These are Honda of Japan OEM rain guards. All clips are included...
JDM Integra Dc2 GSR Arm Rest Console
JDM Integra GSR Arm Rest Console. Console is in good condition, Left side tabs are broken, Mounting...
JDM Integra Dc2 GSR Cat Back Exhaust
JDM Integra GSR Cat Back Exhaust. Exhaust is in good condition. Mid pipe has some scraps, dings as pictured...
JDM Integra Dc2 GSR Duel Bend Shifter
JDM Integra GSR Dc2 Shifter Double Bend. Shifter threads are in great condition, Bearing included...