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Limited warranty offered by JSH Motors: Applies to all USED JDM Engines...All motors sold by JSH Motors come with a 100% Start up warranty only and is SOLD AS IS. The warranty is only valid 30-days from upon delivery. The 100% Start up warranty will be invalid on all USED JDM Motors if the following engine components are not replaced new-

  • Spark plugs
  • Spark plug wires
  • Cap and rotor
  • Timing belt'/s
  • Water pump
  • Tension pulley/ Auto Tensioner 


Note: Camshaft seals, oil pan & valve cover gaskets should be replaced to avoid any leaks once engine is installed. All external parts attached to the engine are not covered by warranty. Example; A/c, power steering, Alternator, Axles, Plug covers, etc. All engines are compression & leak tested prior to freight shipping. 

All Transmisisons: Because our transmissions are from Japan, Some may or may not have all the required sensors your US model has. Its the purchaser responsibility to determine if the transmission or any engine purchased is correct for their application, Also purchaser should consult with their professional certified mechanic if they are unsure. All our transmissions are sold with all Sensors, Vss, Starter, unless noted on listing page. Transmissions are sold as is no warranty but are inspected in Japan and by our staff for quality assurance before delivery.

Please note:
All engine's & transmissions must be installed by a professional certified / commercial location tech/ mechanic and will have to show proof of installation and that all listed engine components have been changed. If the engine swap & transmission is not installed by a commercial addressed professional certified mechanic as mentioned above, Warranty is voided, No questions asked! We will not be held responsible for mis-installations what so ever! JSH Motors is not responsible for any labor charges incurred. Any Financial losses or damages to individuals property are solely the responsibility of the purchaser. Purchaser assumes all cost and risk to the motor swap. Engines installed with aftermarket forced inductions of any type,or nitrous, methanol, modified / upgraded ecu's in which the engine is not designed for, Will not be covered by our warranty. If all of the above mentioned has been changed installed as above on the used engine, purchaser is eligible for the 100% start-up warranty. By purchasing from JSH Motors you are agreeing to the terms and conditions above. JSH Motors reserves the right to update this policy at any time without prior notification.