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JDM Integra Dc 94-01

 WelcomeHere you can browse through our used JDM Parts for the 94-01 Dc2 Integra Exterior & Interior products.  Please note these parts are removed from right hand drive vehicles. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call or send us a email.

JDM Integra Dc 94-01 Products

JDM Integra Dc2 Type R Springs & Shocks
JDM Integra Dc2 Type R Springs & Shocks. Shocks are stiffer and are in great condition with no leaks...
JDM Integra Dc2 Under Dash Wire Harness Right Hand Drive
JDM 98yr Integra Dc2 Right Hand Drive Under Dash Wire Harness. Includes the right and left door clips...
JDM Integra Key, and Ignition Lock
JDM Dc2 Integra Ignition lock and Ignition key. In good working condition. Photo for reference.
JDM Integra Rear Gathers Speakers
JDM Integra Dc2 Rear Pioneer Gathers Speakers. Sold as a pair right and left, Also included are the...
JDM Integra Road Flair
JDM Integra Dc2 Road Flair with mounting bracket. Mounts to kick panel.   
JDM Integra Tanabe G-Power Medalion Catback
JDM Integra Dc2 Tanabe G-Power Medalion 2" 1/4 Catback. Muffler is in good condition, & free...
JDM Integra Type R Air Intake Box
Used JDM Integra Type R B18c Stock Air Intake Box, and 3" intake tube, used filter included. Box...
JDM Integra Type R Carbon Ash Tray
Used JDM Integra Type R Rare Carbon Ash Tray. Features No Smoking tag along with red velvet material...
JDM Integra Type R Center Console Carbon
JDM Integra Type R RHD Center Console Carbon Fiber Look. Center console includes carbon cup holder,...
JDM Integra Type R Door Set
JDM Integra Dc2 Type R Door Set. Champ white color, Sold as a pair right and left. Both doors are...
JDM Integra Type R Lower Control Arms
JDM Dc2 Integra Type R Front Lower Control Arms. Bushings are all in great condition. Sold as a pair...
JDM Integra Type R Rear Lower Control Arms
JDM Integra Type R Rear Lower Control Arms. Bushing in good condition. Sold as a pair right and left...