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JDM Ek 96-00 Civic

 Welcome, Here you can browse through our JDM Parts for the 96-98 Honda Civic Ek4 and Ek9 Interior and Exterior products.  Please note these parts are removed from right hand drive vehicles. Feel free to give us a call or send us a email for more info.

JDM Ek 96-00 Civic Products

JDM EK9 Civic Type R Right Hand Drive Conversion
JDM 97yr Civic Type Rx Right Hand Drive Conversion. Some rust & marks on dash, Passenger airbag...
JDM Ek9 Civic Type R Steering Wheel
JDM Ek9 Civic Type R Momo Steering Wheel. Wheel is in good condition, Great replacement. Airbag deployed...
JDM Ek9 Climate A/C Heater Button Controls
JDM Ek9 99-00yr Climate A/C, Heater Button Controls. Knobs turn nice and smooth, Buttons are strong...
JDM Ek9 CTR Rear Hatch Glass
JDM Ek9 Civic Type R 97 Spec Rear Hatch Black Privacy Glass. Glass is in great condition, with no nicks...
JDM Ek9 Kakimoto Catback Exhaust
JDM Civic Type R Ek9 Kakimoto 2 1/4' Catback Angled Exhaust System. Exhaust is in good condition, Some...
JDM EK9 Type R Cat Back Apexi exhaust
JDM Civic Ek9 Type R Apexi cat back exhaust system with (removable Silencer) 2 1/4 piping. Bazooka shape...
JDM Honda Civic 96-98 Ek4 SiR Headlights
JDM 96-98 Honda Civic Ek4 (SiR) Stanley Headlights right and left. These Civic Ek4 Headlights include...
JDM Honda Civic Ek3 vin tag
JDM Civic Ek3 Type Vi Vin Tag. Chassis code for JDM 96-00 Single cam engine. Tag is in excellant...
JDM Honda Civic Ek4 Fenders | SiR 96-98yr
JDM Honda Civic Ek4 Fenders SiR.  Fenders are oem honda, included are Stanley side markers...
JDM Honda Civic Ek4 Front Bumper 96-98yr
JDM OEM Honda Civic Ek4 Front Bumper 96-98 year. Front bumper with grill and corner moldings. Bumper...
JDM Honda Civic Ek9 Type R Door Panels Manuel
Rare JDM Civic Ek9 Type R Door Panels for Manuel windows. Speaker grills included, Sold as a pair right...
JDM Rear Mud Guards
Used 96-98 JDM Civic Sedan/ Coupe Rear Mud Guards Right and Left. Rear right and left only. Picture...