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JDM B20B Engine JDM B20B Engine

JDM B20B Engine

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Model #: JDM B20B Engine Long Block
Our Price: $484.99
out of stock

JDM CRV B20B Long Block Engine. 96-00yr available. 

Specs:129Hp 132Trq (8.8 Compression)

Parts Included:

  • Motor w/ 42K Miles
  • 99 Year
  • Alternator
  • TPS Sensor
  • Throttle body
  • Fuel rail
  • Intake Manifold
  • MAP Sensor
  • Exhaust Manifold
  • A/C Compressor
  • Injectors
  • Distributor
  • High Compression Model @ 529.99



Item ships within 2-4 business days from purchase date via Freight w/online tracking.

Our JDM B20B Engine comes with a 100% start up warranty, Long Block average 25-40k miles.